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Dissertation view this sample

Topic: An Application of the Events Management Concept in the Marketing Success of Clubs and Bars

Number of pages: 72

Urgency: 24 hours

Subject area: Marketing and Communications

Coursework view this sample

Topic: Ethnocentrism and Multiculturalism

Number of pages: 4

Urgency: 48 hours

Subject area: Sociology

Research Proposal view this sample
Research Proposal

Topic: Bias in Social Science Journals: A Content Analysis

Number of pages: 19

Urgency: 7 days

Subject area: Marketing and Communications

Research paper view this sample
Research paper

Topic: Southern Baptist Church

Number of pages: 12

Urgency: 3 days

Subject area: Religion

Article Critique view this sample
Article Critique

Topic: Linking Food Webs to Ecosystem Processes: Piecewise Linear Models of Soil

Number of pages: 4

Urgency: 48 hours

Subject area: Ecology

Essay view this sample

Topic: Nature & Function of Academic English

Number of pages: 7

Urgency: 3 days

Subject area: English

Thesis view this sample

Topic: The Psychological Effect of Parents on their Children with Severe Facial Deformities and Mental Disabilities: The Challenges of Reconstruction for Severe Facial Deformity

Number of pages: 39

Urgency: 10 days

Subject area: Psychology

Term Paper view this sample
Term Paper

Topic: Phonemic Awareness: Not a Question of Efficiency but of Sufficiency

Number of pages: 14

Urgency: 7 days

Subject area: Communications